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Introducing: Dave Felcey of Oracle Corporation
Coherence Product Manager, Dave Felcey, will kick-off our webinar talking about the key benefits of data grid technology. Dave has a wealth of field experience in Coherence as well as Oracle's SOA products. With nearly 20 years experience in the computing industry, he has used most of the leading technologies across a wide range of customers, with a focus on those in Financial Services and eGaming. He is also a regular speaker at technology events and a contributor to Oracle's Technology Network.

Building and Monitoring a Transactional Data Grid Feb 8, 2012
Plus... Watch a demonstration of ACID transactions
running across 100 Coherence cache nodes
Everett Williams
Everett Williams, Senior Technology Director of SL Corporation will demonstrate RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor including comprehensive views on cluster health and performance. Everett was previously a senior programmer and team lead for Coherence at Oracle. He is considered an expert in management services, grid monitoring and data latency issues.
  AJ Brown
AJ Brown, Founder and CMO of CloudTran, will discuss how fast, ACID transactions using Oracle Coherence and MySQL can support huge user loads.
Join us for this informative webinar and learn how in-memory data grids can be used as high-performance, transactional data stores for mission-critical applications. Register now and reserve Wednesday, February 8 on your calendar.
In-memory data grids like Oracle Coherence allow developers to easily access shared memory across multiple cache nodes, harnessing the power of potentially hundreds of servers. Now, with products from SL Corporation and CloudTran, you can use data grids for applications that need ACID-property trasnactions and gain useful insight into cache node performance and transaction throughput.
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Wednesday, February 8
10:00 AM Pacific Time U.S.
Email: info@CloudTran.com
Learn about the transactional data grid
Attend this webinar and see a demonstration of SL Corporation's RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor product. We'll be running full ACID-property transactions across 100 Coherence cache nodes using CloudTran while persisting data to 4 distributed MySQL databases!
Whether you currently use Coherence or not, you'll want to attend this webinar and learn why more and more developers are turning to in-memory data grid technology for building scalable applications with predictable performance. Space is limited.

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