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Did you know that The Conveyancer allows you to import all of the information from up to 6 different Title searches into one Transaction, including the encumbrances on title? What a time saver it is to not have to type each legal description and those 9 digit registration numbers and encumbrance descriptions in your Transfer of Lands, Trust letters, Western Protocol Opinions and final Bank Reports.

Simply save the PDF documents right from the SPIN website onto your computer, or with our new SPIN Integration, save it right into your transaction and attach each applicable Title to the Record.  With a few simple clicks of the mouse you import all of the applicable legal descriptions along with the owners on the title. This is a huge time saver when you are dealing with a Condominium Unit with a titled Parking Stall or several pieces of rural land with really long legal descriptions.

Further, The Conveyancer automatically populates the list of encumbrances showing on the Titles where you can designate each of them as either remaining on the Title or being discharged. The 9 digit registration numbers along with the description of the encumbrances are imported automatically, you no longer have to type this information manually. The Conveyancer is flexible to allow you to modify the wording that is imported and further lets you manually add encumbrances registered after doing the initial Title import saving you valuable time.

In my 10 years of experience I found this feature to be invaluable in my day to day document processing, I could no longer live without it. Not only did this feature in The Conveyancer save me time in typing this information, it also eliminated my rejections at the Land Titles Office for incorrect legal description errors and calls from opposing council for missed encumbrances in my Trust letters.

Why not let our team show you this invaluable time saving feature in The Conveyancer along with all the other features it has to offer!

Jackie Lombardo
Legal Assistant
Customer Success Representative

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