Tax Academy 2013 - Replay Landing Page

To download the PDF files for Tax Academy, please click on each link below:

Cover Sheet

Module 1 - Cancellation of Debt

Module 2 - Form 4797 & Form 8582

Module 3 - Schedule C

Module 4 - Nonresident Alien

Module 5 - Death and Taxes

Module 6 - Tax Situations

Module 7 - Resources and Training Materials

Replay of Live Webinar Recording

Please click on the link below to view recording of the Federal Tax Webinar.
(Links will be posted on Aug 27th.)

Tax Acadmey 2013 - Class 1 Webinar

Tax Acadmey 2013 - Class 2 Webinar

Test for CE Credits

To Earn CE Credits for watching the replays, you must pass a test.  Use the following link to access the test.  Tax Academy CE Test

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 10 to take the tests, you may experience some difficulties or errors. If so, use either the Firefox or Chrome browser to take the test.